Good day!
I'm a freelance artist with a preference for anime/manga visuals and a passionate Visual Novel lover.

I like to volunteer for Visual Novel projects in my spare time, although the criteria I choose them for are very specific.
For commissions and commercial purposes I'm available for a wide range of genres and topics and I'm proud to say that pay a lot of attention to detail, a fast delivery and good communication.

Feel free to ask questions should any description seem unclear, I like to make new acquaintances, too!

Thanks for looking and enjoy your little stay!

About Me

Hello there!
My real name is Laura Erdmann, but I like to be called by my artist alias Akua or Aku for short if you prefer.

I'm a young woman from Germany and currently in search for stable employment, until then I like to enjoy drawing for other people's projects and take commissions. I wish to pursue my goal of working in the art industry and mark my place in the Visual Novel community as artist and indie developer Demon's Decoy.

I drew since I was in kindergarten, but only took art serious in middle school. Since 2018 I've been working digital and sometimes enjoy a bit of water colouring and pencil sketches.

I take inspiration from many artists, but the most defining influences are Akihisa Ikeda (Rosario+Vampire), Nao Tsukiji (Adekan), Akaza Samamiya, Yana Toboso (Black Butler), Kaori Yuki (Angel Sanctuary), Kiyo Qjo and a variety of Shoujo Mangaka like Arina Tanemura, Aya Kanno or KARA. My colouring inspiration however is a mix of various illustrators I follow on social media. Although Kazuki Yone's works in the popular known title by Otomate "Hakouki" motivated me to draw for Visual Novel.

Personally I consider myself as an eccentric and honest person with a few individual quirks. I won't bite though!


Status: Closed
Slots: Filled

Terms of Service and Conditions

Concept Art456580~90
Background (N/A)   
GUI (N/A)   
Logo (Experimental)FreeFreeN/A
Indie Devs only3055N/AN/A
Lineart (Flats optional)710
Soft Shade1217
Additional Cost  
Extra Fees5~2010~20
Added Character+40%+55%
Added Expression55~8
Added Pose/ Outfit?15~30
  • Character includes simple BG and five expressions for Sprites.

  • Character Concept Art is in Flats and has Front and Side View.

  • Painterly is not available for Complex Works or Sprites.

  • CGs are for indie devs only.

  • Added Character Cost is taken from the character with the higher price for drawing. E.g. if the first character is simple, but the added character is a medium complexity, the price will be taken from the medium complexity character and rounded up if necessary.

  • SS = Simple Character, Simple BG, CS = Complex Character, Simple BG, SC = Simple Character, Complex BG, CC = Complex Character, Complex BG

  • Prices are in US Dollar ($).

The prize will be as following examples for a normal commission:

Fullbody Complex ($48) + Lineart ($10) = $58
Chibi Simple ($10) + Cel Shade ($9) = $19
Thigh Character Medium ($30) + Soft ($17) + Additional character - Simple (+55%) = $73

Visual Novel Asset Commission go as followed:

Thigh Sprite Simple ($23) + Cel ($13) + 2 Additional Expression (2x $5) = $46
Full Sprite Medium ($39) + Lineart ($10) + Additional outfit ($25) = $74
CG SS ($30) + Soft ($17) + Additional Character - Simple (+55%) = $73

Should instructions be unclear or confusing, please don't hesitate to ask me to calculate the price.

No rushing! I always try to give my work as fast as I can and it depends on the service I offer. I will notify you on the rough estimation of when it’s done without interruption in my personal life. You can, however, expect Chibi, Headshot and Bustshot commissions finished within a week. Sketches are done in one or two days, Lineart 2-3 days, Flats in 1 day.

Finished Commissions

The commissioned piece is a digital good, hence there is not a physical good and therefore nothing to be shipped. You will receive the finished commission as a PNG file. Or in case of Game Asset commission as PSD.
The finished commission piece will be sent/ linked to you through a note and with that, the commission process will be automatically completed, regardless of the said message was viewed or not as long as it was sent.

However, please do respond to the said message to confirm you received the file to avoid misunderstandings.

Please do download it! I do clear out my files from time to time and am not responsible for you have forgotten to download it.


Projects where I helped/help...

...as Sprite Artist
Autumn Is His Favourite Season by Franciszek (July to August 2020)

Cycle of Magic - Prelude by Potato Cow Studios

...as CG Artist
A Pinch of Magic by Crystal Game Works (CG Lineartist, March 2021)

Enamored Risks by Crystal Game Works (March to April 2020)

Memories on the Shoreline by Crystal Game Works (November 2019, also Promo Art)

The Will-O-Wisp Forest by Hana H.A. (October 2018)

...as Sprite & CG artist
Appetite Amor - (Co-Leader, Sprite & CG Lineartist/Colourist, Food Colourist, March 2021)

Night of the Lesbian Vampires - (September 2020, Sprites, Title Menu Illustration, CG Lineart)

Demon's Kiss by Foleso (February to March 2020)

Love's Apathy by Rinzamakani (ongoing)

A Frigid Space by Rinzamakani (March 2019 to February 2020)

RB:Axolotl by Actawesome (December 2019)

Fate's Bite by Neeka (Autumn 2018 to Late Winter 2018/19)

Original Projects

Own Projects
Lycoris (ongoing)

CC Sprite Assets
Bubblegum Boy


Various Illustrations ranging from commissioned by customers, commercial and personal projects and fanart.

Sorted by newest to oldest.

Character Sprites

Illustrations and CGs


Concept Art

Terms of Service and Conditions

  • I have the right to decline commissions should you, the commissioner, act disrespectful towards me or my terms or not be active for two weeks or more.

  • You may not repost without credits and linking back.

  • You may not claim the works as yours. You are allowed to edit and change the work as long it’s stated.

  • You may not share works such as sprites, backgrounds or GUI for free without my permission.

  • You may not delete the watermark/signature.

  • Owners of the character will be rightfully credited and mentioned.

  • Prices depend on complexity.


  • Girls and Boys (also nonbinary or androgynous)

  • Light NSFW (fairly new, with experience more will be allowed)

  • Light Fetishes (BDSM, Crossdressing…)

  • Light Gore (Prefer to see drawn references not photo material)

  • People of all ages (Old people may be varying)

  • Animals (Fantasy creatures are unsure but willing to try)

  • Plants


  • Sexualizing children or animals

  • Mutilation or Heavy Abuse (Horror and topics respectfully handling the issue allowed, not sexual liking for it)

  • Fetishes such as Vore, Lactation, Loli, Golden Shower, Feet etc.

  • Heavy Mecha (Robots or Androids should be fine)

  • K-Pop

  • Take over someone's style 1:1 since I would have to study said style over a period of time, I can, however, try to make them have the same vibe or as closely as possible

Always ask for anything not particularly mentioned!

It goes “First Come, First Serve” and can only be negotiated under special circumstances I agree to.
I require references given by you - the more, the better.
Have payment ready before you commission, for donation look up special conditions.

The commission is for mainly for personal use only, as in websites, poster, references etc. and may not be sold, used for commercial use or monetary advertisements. Exemption from that rule are indie projects.

Through Paypal, I will send you an Invoice and note you about it once sent. [Paypal account must be yours!]

Please be aware that I accept commissions as a hobby and not as a business. There will be no 100% refunds as I allow you to ask for progress and spend working hours, however, we can negotiate on lowering the price should I not be able to deliver in the given time frame or should there be mistakes in the final product. The former will only be accepted if I did the mistake and not if you forget to mention details after the sketch and lineart phase.
A belated correction leads to extra fees. However, partial transfer will be given back but please contact me beforehand.

Please do pay within 14 days.
If you don't pay within 14 days your commission will get pushed back or cancelled.


You are to communicate to me as an individual and under the same account/e-mail or other means we agreed to. If you are a group, appoint one spokesperson who is my commissioner and responsible for contacting me.

Should my commissioner/spokesperson change permanently or temporarily, like during absence or a vacation, I have to be notified of that beforehand, and they only become my commission/spokesperson until I confirmed that I am informed and agree.
Under no circumstances am I ever obligated to write/respond or give out information regarding a commission to someone who is not my commissioner without prior information of such change nor am I to fault for communication failure with someone who is neither my commissioner nor spokesperson.

I will send WIPs of the rough sketch, clean sketch, lineart and flats, so if you wish for any corrections or changes, you have to point them out in these stages. Very minimal changes can be done after the flats.

You may always ask me for questions or additional WIP's when I started working on your commission. Please be kind and do not write to me to rush me!

Special Conditions

If you commission with a donation or limited budget in mind I will negotiate a base price on your budget. Donations are appreciated if I volunteered to draw for free.

Volunteer work is limited and with my interest involved. If I draw for free, the product must be free.

Sprites come as PSD file with separate layers, having a naked base like a doll if preferred. Expressions are separated by brows, mouths and eyes.

I can be contacted via


To acquire my Discord handle, please contact through one of the other methods first to inform me.
I can also be found on these servers:

Otome Development
Boys Love Development
Visual-Novel.info Hub